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He’s been in love with sailing most of his life.  His first boat, a 20 footer, was sailed for several years around the Chesapeake and taken to Lake Michigan to be replaced by a 36 ft. Westerly which he purchased in England .  He sailed the Westerly around the Great Lakes for five years until he and his wife began their ten year cruise to the Caribbean.  As full time, long distance cruisers, he and his wife, became Commodores of the Seven Seas Cruising Association.  With Rich at the helm, EAGLE survived dismasting, hurricanes, groundings, knockdowns, engine failures, lightning, and other lesser nautical annoyances.

Rich brings an engineer’s mind to sailing.  Four college degrees, a Doctor of Science, a registered professional engineer, and still an engineering consultant…since 1990 he’s concentrated on becoming proficient in long distance cruising.  He mastered celestial navigation, only to find his sextant replaced by LORAN and GPS.  He studied diesel engine maintenance in enough depth to cope with engine problems far off shore and away from marina mechanics.  Installed all his boat’s electronics: radar, autopilot, LORAN and GPS, inverters, refrigeration, solar panels, anchor windlass, wind generator, and more.  He’s certified in first aid and CPR and a qualified open water SCUBA diver.  His license as an amateur radio operator enabled him to keep in touch with the world while anchored at remote islands off the coast of Venezuela.  In 2007 he was licensed by the Coast Guard as a U.S. Merchant Marine Officer….Master of steam, motor, or auxiliary sail vessels of 50 tons upon near coastal waters. He was granted a FCC Marine Radio Operator Permit in 2011.

In addition to 40,000 nautical miles of blue water adventure on his boat, EAGLE, he’s taught sailing to hundreds:  1994-99 on Catalina 22s at the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in Puerto Rico;  2002 in the Summer Youth Sailing Program at Quantico, VA on American 14s;  2007 to the present,  on 19 ft. Flying Scots for DC Sail, the Washington Sailing Marina, and the Mariner Sailing School at  Belle Haven Marina.  He also boasts of over 5000 hours of powerboat operation.

He’s certified by the American Sailing Association as a keelboat sailing instructor and gives keelboat qualification lessons on a Catalina 25 at the Washington Sailing Marina.

He’s chartered in the Med off Croatia and sailed the Whitsunday Islands behind the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  Gone up and down the Intercoastal Waterway (inside and out) several times to winter on his boat in the Bahamas.  Crewed on the delivery of a 52 ft. Hallberg Rassy sailboat from St. Thomas, USVI to Beaufort, NC.  Crewed on the 65 ft. steel schooner, American Spirit , for the National Maritime Heritage Foundation.  When not otherwise engaged in delivering boats in the Mid-Atlantic, he single hands his boat up and down the Chesapeake.

On returning from ten years cruising the Caribbean, Rich signed up with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.  He’s been qualified as a specialist in: navigation, weather, seamanship, communications, patrols, and search and rescue.  He’s also qualified as a coxswain, is a former training officer and commander of Flotilla 25-8.   He teaches safe boating classes, performs vessel safety inspections and conducts safety patrols for the local Coast Guard station, is an active member of the Chesapeake Area Professional Captains Association and has been certified by Virginia and Maryland as a boating instructor in their boating education programs.

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